We work at home, together, so we don't really worry about offending anyone at the office when we start spouting off our political opinions. For those who work in more traditional office settings, however, it is worth keeping an eye on that line where authentic conversations leave off and political browbeating sets in. That is why we are feeling downright giddy after Lisa Belkin at The New York Times mentioned our book in her Life's Work column on Tuesday. Please check it out: Talking Politics in The Office.

U.S. voters will be making a huge collective decision in November at a time when the stakes feel particularly high.  A good conversation is an important element in informed decision-making.

To that end, we invite you to read a letter that we have enthusiastically co-signed. It was written and signed by men and women who have authored books on leadership, social justice and community. We have a point of view, and we wanted to share it with others who will join us in making a critical decision to determine the future of our country. If it speaks to you, we hope you will share it with others.