A holiday offer for Yoga Wisdom

A force I refer to as “The Universe” has been guiding me graciously for so many years, Lately it has been sending me little, insistent messages: Trusted friends have urged me to act. An email from two (!) fans. And this gem of a quote, recently heard in an interview with Paulo Coehlo: “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you.”

That said, I have been trying to figure out waysto give Yoga Wisdom at Work, the second book Jamie and I wrote together in 2013, the equivalent of literary CPR.

In 2014, we were in the early, exciting stages of executing our marketing plan and incorporating the Yoga Wisdom book into our work together. Indeed, we were doing a book-related gig at a well-known health and wellness resort when a mild, two-mile hike left Jamie so physically consumed — so out of breath — that he had to get a ride back to the ranch. A few weeks later, a neurologist radically altered our course with a dreaded diagnosis: ALS.

He’s been gone more than a year now, and our little lost waif of a book has been much on my mind. My brain has been bubbling with ideas about how to re-invigorate this work. More to come.

In the meantime, as the holiday season approaches, another message from The Universe has appeared. Our publisher, the venerable Berrett-Koehler, is offering a 50 percent off sale until Dec. 8! As you compose your gift lists, I respectfully ask that you consider purchasing one or more copies of Yoga Wisdom at Work.

You don’t have to be familiar with yoga — or even know much about it — for this to be a useful book. (The amazon reviews attest to this). It’s actually a book chock full of good suggestions for helping you get clear on your intentions, and then living out who you want to be in the world, especially at work. It would be good for anyone who:

Yoga Wisdom at Work  is 50 percent off! What a  great gift,  and free shipping, too!

Yoga Wisdom at Work is 50 percent off! What a great gift, and free shipping, too!

  • Is about to graduate
  • Is looking for a job
  • Is starting a new job
  • Has a job
  • Gets aggravated while on the job
  • Wants to be happier and more peaceful on the job
  • Doesn’t have a job but could use practical, easy-to-do help finding inner peace
  • Practices yoga but doesn’t know about its rich philosophy
  • Doesn’t practice yoga but wants to
  • Is looking for small practices for living yoga off the mat
  • Can read

If you’re reading this, you probably know about the book. Maybe you even have a copy and don’t need another. In that case, would you be willing to share this post with your friends who might be interested, either on social media or via email? And if you have read the book and haven't yet posted a review, that would be another gift I'd be thankful for.

I have been, and continue to be, truly grateful for your support.


p.s. Authentic Conversations is also on sale, although that might be a little harder to give as a gift. ;-)