In honor of a New Year and Decade, in the next three weeks we will be sharing wisdom that others have shared with us. We are grateful to our generous friends, whose gifts have sparked fresh reflections about living out our intentions to engage others in authentic conversations.  The notion of becoming truly authentic — in the sense of being clear about who we want to be and making choices about how to do it — is less daunting when we remember that it is a daily, lifelong process. It helps to remember that change is rarely the instant transformation we sometimes yearn for.


This week, we’ll start with questions by Shiloh Sophia, which our friend and colleague Jeff McCollum sent in a holiday email. They have a yin/yang rhythm we like. The questions are framed in a way that emphasize the importance of being willing to let go of one thing in order to achieve the benefits of another. The questions are a different iteration of an activity we often do with clients, called “Gains and Losses,” that bring into focus the necessity of releasing in order to receive.


Question number 10 also gets at an idea we think frequently gets overlooked, especially in the workplace — the ability to grieve and let go of the past so you can look toward creating a shared, preferred future.


We hope you find these questions useful.

1.      What is it I am committed to starting?

2.     What is it I am committed to finishing?

3.      Who is it I am excited about being?

4.      Who is it in me I am excited about letting go?

5.      Where is it I will spend my time?

6.      Where is it I will spend less of my time?

7.      Who will I reach out to and connect with?

8.      Who will I surrender and let go?

9.      What is it I feel really good about?

10.  What is it I need to forgive myself for?