"While this book is aimed specifically at using the principles of yoga in the workplace, let your customers know that it is a terrific overview of yoga as a complete spiritual philosophy. Most Americans think of yoga as the physical exercises (asanas). Yoga is actually much more complex than that, containing eight branches of study, the asanas being the third of those.  By relating all aspects of yoga to the workplace, and using everyday language to do that, the authors put the intricacies of this advanced spiritual tradition within reach of the general public. For example, they tell the story of a police officer, forced to shoot someone in the line of duty, who struggled to reconcile her duty with the principle of compassion/non-violence (ahimsa). A wise instructor pointed her in the direction of the answer, but I’ll let you read that for yourself. This book will prove to be a very useful tool for those seeking to expand their understanding and practice of yoga, whether they are experienced practitioners of yoga or have just begun their first class."     

~ Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insights (formerly New Age Retailer) 

When I first picked up Yoga Wisdom at Work, I was expecting it to be a collection of chapters focused on the usual practical tips of how we can meditate and breathe to avoid stress at work spun in a clever way. I expected maybe a few anecdotes and stories but within the first couple of pages, it was clear that this was going to be a different experience.
— DIANA DORELL, Arizona Yoga Community
Maren and Jamie Showkeir, married business partners, have written a beautifully clear book illustrating the full range of yoga’s transformational benefits with relevant examples of how yoga wisdom can be applied to create a more rewarding work experience.
— MARLENA RICH, Examiner.com