Translating this essential, ancient knowledge into a pragmatic, contemporary context is a huge and valuable contribution.
— Kevin Cashman, best-selling author of Leadership from the Inside Out

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Maren and Jamie Showkeir are skilled, popular media sources, sought for their expertise in workplace culture change, authentic conversations at work, managing for accountability, improving business performance, using yoga principles at work and more.

They have appeared in dozens of leading print and online publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Arizona Republic, Women for Hire and CNNMoney. They live in Phoenix, AZ.

Judy Martin of

Judy Martin of


Yoga Wisdom at Work was featured on  The Work Stress Update, a broadcast of, which is dedicated to offering a platform to discuss strategies such as time management, work-life initiatives, cutting-edge corporate well-being programs, neuroscience, workplace yoga, mindfulness meditation and the current research on stress management in corporate workplace settings and in business. offers several posts per week and a web video series ~ The Work Stress Update, which can be found at Judy’s YouTube Channel.
Hosted by Jon Rojas and Chris Stemp

Hosted by Jon Rojas and Chris Stemp

EPISODE 94: Making Work Suck Less with Yoga Principles

As you might know by now, Jon and I like to focus on how terrible work is – perhaps it’s because misery likes company. We get emails from many of you out in the rat race just like us, who are fed up and stressed out – but such is life.  That’s why work is a four letter word.  It is for this reason that we could all use a quick lesson on how to incorporate one of the world’s oldest practices, yoga, to find SANITY in an insane world of work.  You may be surprised to learn that yoga can teach you a whole lot more than just some funny stretches.

Dr. Zara Larsen

Dr. Zara Larsen


Dr. Zara's Circles of Change Radio Show can be heard at 10 a.m. [PST] every  Saturday on 104.7 am radio. Sign up for her mobile podcasts by texting 'drzara' to 313131.


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