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Yoga Wisdom at Work:
Discover purpose
Illuminate potential

This would be a book I could just as easily recommend to a client who has never considered stepping onto a yoga mat as I could to a die-hard yogini who is looking for ways to bring her work life into alignment with her practice.
— Kate Bartolotta, elephant journal

Maren and Jamie Showkeir, whose book Yoga Wisdom at Work filters the philosophical principles of yoga through the lens of work, are interviewed by Tonya Mock, host of AZ-TV's Morning Scramble, along with Andrea Goeglein, an executive coach, author and media personality.

... a powerful guide for applying the principles of yoga to develop human potential and enhance work satisfaction.
— Howard Cutler, The Art of Happiness (with the Dalai Lama)

Based on the traditional Eight Limbs of Yoga, this unprecedented book brings into crisp focus the rich, transformational benefits of an ancient practice.

Straightforward, practical suggestions offer ways to integrate yoga's time-tested philosophy and beautiful spiritual practices into the modern workplace, helping to create a seamless commute from the yoga mat to your job.

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Yoga Wisdom at Work is rich with true stories of people in professions such as banking, law enforcement, film directing, education, government, healthcare and more.

These living examples illustrate how yoga’s teachings can help you reduce stress and increase success at work while cultivating satisfaction and peace of mind.  

The authors show that yoga is not just about the poses — the practice is about creating the stillness of mind that will allow you to do the work you were meant to do. Seriously, read this book!
— Russell Simmons, cofounder of Def Jam