We’ve been grappling with the fact that truth-telling is often seen as a radical act in our organizations and trying to figure out why that should be so. In our last post, we listed compelling and seductive reasons for NOT telling the truth. This week, we are listing benefits that come from telling the truth.

Top 20 Reasons for Telling the Truth

1.     It forces me to be honest with myself
2.     Establishes credibility and trust
3.     It shows people what I see and how I truly feel
4.     I don’t have to remember what stories/lies I told before
5.     Helps me confront harsh realities rather than fear or ignore them
6.     Sends a message of respect and caring
7.     Helps me create a world I can believe in
8.     Demonstrates taking accountability for my actions
9.     Honors reality
10.  Sets an example for others
11.  Creates opportunities for intimacy and true connection
12.  Bolsters self-confidence
13.  It honors the fact that you choose how you respond to circumstances
14.  Helps us discover ways to live together constructively
15.  Guides my actions to a life of integrity
16.  Defies social convention
17.  Liking myself is more important than whether you like me
18.  Is an expression of my freedom
19.  Creates consistency and alignment
20.  Makes relationships more meaningful

Why do you think it is so difficult to tell the truth? And what are your reasons for telling the truth?